APQS Long arm machines

Watch the video - How to Use a Longarm
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Rental Certification

 Longarm Rental Certification Price:
$150 plus tax

Whether you have used a longarm machine before or not, this 3hr class will have you stitching confidently before the class is over.
This class will teach you how to:
- prepare your quilt for quilting
- load a quilt on the frame - operate our longarm machines
- line-up & stitch a pantograph pattern
- advance your quilt to effortlessly line up each pass. This class is required to rent our longarm machines.

Rent our Longarm

Rent our longarm - $30/hour minimum 3 hours

Every Rental Includes:
1. Free Glide thread & Pre-wound bobbins
2. Choice of Pantographs (easy-med-hard)
3. New needle with every session
4. Leadergrips (Easy Loading System)
5. Use of top-of-the-line APQS Machines (stitch regulated, power fabric advance, hydraulic table lift, bliss drive system, quilt glide) It's like renting a Rolls-Royce.
6. Expert Guidance and Confidence Coach